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About Us

Science + clinical + organic

Theskinfeedcosmetic is a cultivated beauty brand that was develop on the three matrices of skincare synergy which are science + clinical + organic and the seven premises of beauty synergy (a synergistic organic brand). Theskinfeedcosmetic used the matrices of science + clinical + organic to harness botanicals & herbs with active ingredients to create a synergistic combination to give a daily dose of skinfeed, a skincare that is environmentally friendly and cares for the skin synergistic integrity.

Science is the formula behind the production of our products.

Organic is the botanical substance we harness for the synergistic matrix


Clinical is how therapeutic the products can be to the health of our skin.

of our products.

Brand founder Dion McGregor a pharmaceutical technician, businesswoman, Has founder of the skinfeedcosmetic, I focused on this market because there was a white space for skinfeed skincare. Our mission is synergy to skinfeed is to preserve, nurture, plus feed with every product we create we believe in an equitable, diverse and inclusive system that is vital for a healthy sustainable planet and future, Because we pride ourselves on saving the environment.

All our products are cruelty free and environmentally friendly.


The seven principles of the Skinfeedcosmetic beauty premise are:

Beauty is preservation of one`s own health:

Beauty is the diversity of oneself:

Beauty is the regiment that one sees in the mirror:

Beauty is loving one`s innermost self:

Beauty is the architect for preservation:

Beauty is feeding one`s self with love:

Beauty is living in synergy with one`s own self:

Theskinfeedcosmetic joined the cosmetic alliance to benefit from the ethical aspects of the beauty standards from a global point of view.

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    We want to help our customers understand that theskinfeedcosmetic was created to nurture, feed, and replenish the skin, we use plants derived bio-active with minerals combine with a synergistic value in feeding and delivering the best organic ingredients to help seal+heal the skin core integrity to keep the skin radiant everyday for its lifetime. So based on the regiment that speak through the matrix of synergy science+clinical+organic we offer our customers the synergistic active organic skincare brand.Theskinfeedcosmetic brand help shields the skin from environmental aggressor so our largest living organ can embrace what Mother Nature has offer in synergy.